Photographers Helping Other Photographers and our Community since 1936 has long been our motto and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of it over the years. Last month brought a new opportunity to help a fellow photographer who wasn’t even a member of our club. I got an email through the club’s website from a woman named Linda. Her husband is a long time photographer, but is now suffering from dementia. His medical condition has forced major financial changes in their lives. Instead of enjoying their golden years in their dream retirement home, they were forced to short sale their house and move into a fifth wheel trailer on her daughter’s property.

Linda’s husband had a bunch of old photography stuff she needed to get rid of before she moved so she wrote me asking for help. Dale and I went out to her house in Lacey and loaded up our car twice with tons of miscellaneous stuff. There are a lot of framing supplies, a fair amount of photo paper, a couple mat cutters – both missing pieces, tripods, monopod, heads, filters and other misc items. I told her I had no guarantee we could sell any of it and she was ok with that. She just wants the stuff to go to someone who can use it.

I’ve put a list of what we have in DropBox so if you’re interested, please take a look, and give me a call if you’re interested in anything. Items will go first come, first served. We don’t have set prices for any of it, but would appreciate if you’d consider Linda’s situation and offer a small donation for what you think things are worth to you. Here is the link to the document in the DropBox.

Call me if you would like to come over to see anything. Colleen – 360-956-9127

The purpose of the Olympia Camera Club is to learn how to be better photographers through sharing, teaching, guest speakers, and field trips.

Our club includes photographers of different skill levels and with varied interests.  You will enjoy the camaraderie of interacting with those at your own skill level or with similar interests.  You’ll also have opportunities to grow and learn from club members who have more advanced skills.

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The Olympia Camera Club is a member of the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs (NWCCC) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).