March 28, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Capital High School

A little over a year ago I was introduced to a local photographer, Kris Sproul, by a mutual friend of ours.  Since then I have become a big fan of Kris’s work and I am excited to announce that Kris will be presenting some of his landscape work to the clubs member in March.

Kris’s work really does speak for itself, but as a means of introduction I am including the following from the “artist’s statement” on Kris’s website.

“My photographs celebrate the beauty and color of the world around us, from the sun’s first light shining on a serene mountain scene with wildflowers at peak bloom to skyscrapers looming over a bustling urban landscape at dusk. Each image is the result of hours, or often days, spent exploring and patiently waiting for conditions to align, frequently requiring several trips to the same location. When the weather, light, and other environmental factors all come together, my camera gives me the opportunity to share my perception of that experience with the world through my photos. I am especially excited to capture and share images of the Pacific Northwest, my home since being lured here by the beauty of the landscape in 2008. 

I encourage you to visit Kris’s website and enjoy his work:

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