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Bylaw Revisions

On September 2, 2014 the Executive Board voted to submit a revision to the club’s Bylaws for review and then the vote of the membership.  The current system indicates that a vice president candidate must agree to a three year commitment.  The board feels that this three year commitment and the absolute necessity of becoming president in the second year makes it very difficult to recruit a vice president candidate each year.

The proposed change would mean that a new vice president would only be committing to a one year term as vice president.  It is the board’s belief that this will make it easier to fill the vp position and that it will also open the door for continuity in both the position of vice president and president should either choose to remain in their positions for longer than one year.

In order to amend the bylaws the board must communicate the proposed changes to the membership, read the changes at the next general meeting, and then vote on the changes at the following general meeting.  A two-thirds majority vote is required for passage.  You may read the complete text of the OCC Bylaws here.  Here is the section of text that is proposed to be changed.  Please leave your comments on these proposed changes on this page.  A vote of the membership will be held on October 28, 2014.


  • Section 1. Officers shall consist of President, Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate-Past-President (IPP).
  • Section 2. Election. A nominating committee appointed by the President shall prepare a slate of officers chosen from a list of paid-up members to be elected by the members at the June Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor.
  • Section 3. Terms of office. The “Presidential Train” shall have a term of three years. The Vice-President/President-Elect shall be elected annually to serve one year in that office, advance to President the second year, and become IPP in year three. The Secretary and Treasurer Officers shall be elected annually to one-year terms.  All officers are eligible for re-election.  The current President shall become the Immediate-Past-President upon completion of the elections.
  • Section 4. Vacancies. Vacancies shall be filled by election by the members present at the first regular meeting after an office becomes vacant. If the presidency becomes vacant, the Vice-President/President- Elect automatically assumes the Presidency and a new Vice-President/President Elect is elected.


5 thoughts on “Bylaw Revisions”

  1. I am OPPOSED to this bylaw change. Although, I don’t regard the potential change to be that big of a problem in the future, my vote will be NAY.

    1) I believe there needs to be an understudy element to the position of president. Without the VP position being a President Elect creates the possibility of someone taking over as President that doesn’t have the slightest idea of what has been going on and the thinking behind recent board decisions and club policies; not to mention the chance of having no continuity in how the President does their job.

    2) I do NOT think that this change will make a bit of difference in anyone’s decision of whether to become VP. If the president position becomes vacant, they are still stuck becoming the president (see Section 4). I believe that this will simply change the reason that they state for not accepting.

    3) I was asked to serve on the nominating committee months ago (well prior to our June election). There has not been a single committee meeting. My feelings are not hurt. I would be just as happy not being involved; but have we even tried to get recruit a VP? If we haven’t yet made a significant attempt (via the non-activated committee), why are we considering change the bylaws now?

    My recommendation would be to form a committee of the active past-presidents preferably chaired by our Immediate Past President and get to work.

  2. When I joined the Olympia Camera Club we held annual election of officers with nominations from the floor on each office; President, Vice President; Secretary, and Treasurer. It had been this way probably since the club’s beginning until a few years after I joined. At that time a bylaws committee was appointed and our current set of bylaws adopted making a chain of seats from Vice President through President and then to Immediate Past President. The concern at the time was that we were having a difficult time finding someone who would stand as President, this progression (in theory) would solve that problem It has not! It has moved the reluctance to serve as President to a reluctance to serve as Vice President and has made it even more difficult to fill the offices. Witness the fact that we currently have no Vice President, last year we had no candidate and the office was vacant until Colleen accepted it and year before it was vacant until Rosalind accepted it. Fortunately both were excellent in their roles. I believe it would be easier to fill each position separately than to fill the one position now vacant.

    My second objection is that the current bylaws stifle competition. I hear your laughter as we’ve never had a challenged election in my memory, but who knows. When the VP automatically steps up to President, how can someone run against him/her?

    I opposed the current bylaws when they were adopted and I wholly support the proposed amendments.

  3. I’ll make my comments brief. I like this proposed change and here is why. It’s possible that at some time in the future, I might like to stand for re-election for the presidency of our club, but I can guarantee I won’t want to commit to the full 3 year presidential chain again. At least for me, having to repeat the VP position before becoming president again, would be counter productive and requires too long a time commitment. I’d be speculating to say other past presidents might feel the same way, but I imagine they would.

    ~Colleen Easley – current president

  4. The immediate past president is considered to be an “officer,” so the proposed wording in section 3 needs to be changed. As is, the IPP is an officer, but cannot be reelected because he/she is expected to become IPP upon completion of role of President. That also creates the problem of a one-year term–the presidency would still not be a one-year term if new by-laws are approved–it would then become a two-year term! Also, if the president is reelected, who would then become the IPP?

    What is the role of the IPP, anyway? It appears that it is to serve on the executive committee. I don’t see any other duties. Should we eliminate the IPP position and replace it with another named one that would be back up for VP or President?

    Another thought, perhaps the VP sharing some of the current responsibilities of the President might relieve the President role and gain greater interest by members for either of these positions.

    ~Teresa Gypin

    1. This Immediate Past President issue was discussed at our last board meeting. It was agreed that if a president chose to stand for a 2nd term, the current IPP would remain in that position and continue on as a board member.

      The role of the IPP is basically to assist the new president in learning their duties, as needed. It isn’t a difficult job and to date, past presidents have not found it objectionable to fulfill another year on the board once their term as president has ended.

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