For years we have maintained an album of club members participating in club activities on Flickr, but of course, during the Covid-19 shutdowns almost nothing was added to that gallery.  Now that the world is opening up again, we’re hoping to see more images of club members, but instead of adding them to Flickr, we will now host those images on our own website.  In order to add your images to the new gallery, size your images to at least 2048 on the long side and 2 mb or less.  Then login and go to the Members Only Area and choose, ADD IMAGES TO A GALLERY.  Once there, choose “Photos of Club Members” from the pull down menu and add your images. Please add a date to the Title of your images as this gallery is sorted by upload date, not the date of the photos in it.

If you have any difficulty adding your images, you can put them in the OCC Member Sharing DropBox. Let the webmaster know  and we’ll get them uploaded for you.  Be sure your images are watermarked and in a folder marked with your name.

Click this link to view the old gallery in

To view these images, click on the first one and then use your arrow keys to move through them.


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