Holiday Secret Santa 2020

An OCC Holiday Tradition with a Pandemic Twist

We can’t get together for our usual holiday party, but we can still use an old holiday tradition – sending gifts through the US Post Office.

First, MEMBERS who wish to participate in this year’s OCC Holiday Photo/ Secret Santa exchange must SIGN UP by December 11, 2020.

    • You SIGN UP by sending your:
      in an email to Nancy Nelson by 1200 Midnight on Friday, December 11th, 2020.
  • Nancy will compile a list of people who signed up, and randomly match up givers and recipients. She will then let each person know who to send your “Secret Santa” photo gift to – name and mailing address.
  • Each participant (giver) makes one postcard, notecard, or print. Keep in mind, these will need to be sent through the USPS. To keep everyone safe, please do not send glass! And keep your out-of-pocket costs to $10 or less. You may choose to keep you identity secret or you may let your receiver know who you are.
  • Participants address your photo, card, or print, apply appropriate postage (postcards $0.35; card or letter $0.50) and drop it in a mailbox.
  • DO NOT SHARE the PHYSICAL ADDRESSES of anyone with anyone.
  • Check your mailbox for holiday greetings from your OCC Secret Santa.
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