Filters - Various Kinds and Sizes - Cheap!

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$ 1.00

Many nice filters that I no longer need due to changing camera systems. Make me an offer on whatever you're interested in and we can meetup somewhere in Olympia. Will not ship.

49mm B+W 010 UV-Haze
52mm HOYA UV
58mm K&F Concept Night Sky (great for Milky Way photos)
58mm Breakthrough Circular Polarizer
58mm Tiffen UV Protector
58mm Zykkor IR720 (for infra-red)
58mm Kykkor IR920 (for infra-red)
62mm B+W UV Haze
62mm HOYA UV
72mm Quantaray Cross 6x (creates 6-sided star)
72mm Quantaray UV Protector
2 - 77mm B+W 010 UV-Haze
77mm B+W 010 UV-Haze - Slim
77mm Sigma UV
77mm Marumi Super UV
77mm Vivitar 3 piece kit - UV, Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density 8
77mm Zeiss UV Filer (unopened)
82mm HOYA UV

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