June 25, 2019 – 6:00 p.m.

Black Lake Grange – click for map
6011 Black Lake Blvd SW
Olympia, WA  98512

It will soon be time to come together as a Club to celebrate our recent season together, share our best photography work with each other, and elect our officers and conduct Club business to take us into another year.  Here is what’s planned:

Sign up:  We will gather at the Black Lake Grange with its ample space for members (and parking!)  and good viewing of the slideshow of your photography.  Social Committee chairperson Linda Pardee will provide a central dish for us and signups will cover additional dishes.

Directions for Potluck Signup:

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Adding a Comment: On the main signup page, click the little arrow to the left of the category you signed up for and add a comment to tell us what you’re planning to bring.

Election of Officers

This is our annual business meeting for election of our four officers to one-year terms, for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  A Nominating Committee is seeking nominees; let Meredith Rafferty, Bruce Livingston or Pam Hoaglund know of your interest.  Incumbents can seek re-election and nominees can also be offered during the annual business meeting.

Amendments to Bylaws

This annual business meeting will also include the members’ vote on recommended amendments to the OCC Bylaws.  You will soon be seeing the recommended amendments through an email announcement to members and they will be read at the May 28th General Member Meeting in advance of the June 25th vote.  The amendments expand the descriptions of our operations and bring the wording into line with today’s practices.  Our Bylaws express who we are as a Club (organized in 1935!) and how we operate in support of us as a nonprofit organization of “photographers helping photographers”.

The Program

The program for the evening will be a slide presentation of photos taken by our members over the past year.  Here are the guidelines for submitting your images to be included in the show.

  • Submit one image for each of the 15 words below. You many take as many images as you like and do as much processing as you like, but you can only submit one image for each word.  Please include a “self-identification” photo as your 16th image.


  • Submit 10-15 of your favorite/best images taken between 6/1/2017 and 6/12/2018. You may do as much processing as you like on the images.  Please include a “self-identification” photo as your 16th image.

Deadline for submitting images is June 11 at the Practical Photography Meeting.  Give to Rosalind on a CD or USB Thumb drive at the Practical Photography meeting or call her to make arrangements to get them to her.   If you would like to submit your images via DropBox, please email Colleen to receive the link.
Question?  Contact Rosalind at: (360) 790-2814 or .

You must be a member of the club in good standing to participate.


  1. All images must be JPEGS – no RAW or TIFF images.
  2. Please DO NOT watermark your images.
  3. The images should be 1024 pixels the long side. (No larger)Scavenger Hunt Images. Name your images as Sxx_Name_word.jpg where S means scavenger hunt, xx is the number of the word and word is the category. For example, an image submitted for the 5th word of ‘Reflections’ would be named S05_RosalindPhilips_Reflections.jpg.Favorite/Best of 2018-19 images. Name your images as Bxx_Name_ImageName.jpg . B means Favorite/Best of 2018-19, xx is the number of the image, Name is your name and ImageName is the name of the image. For example the eighth image I submit would be named, B08_RosalindPhilips_BergyBit.jpg.
  4. Please include a list of your images with descriptions.
  5. Include a self Identification Image as your 16th image.
  6. Please burn your images to a CD or DVD or copy to  a USB Thumb drive.  You may also submit to the OCC Member Sharing DropBox if you have access.  Email Colleen to get access.
  7. Images are due no later than Tuesday, June 11, 2018 at the Practical Photography Meeting. You can bring your images to the meeting or mail them to Rosalind Philips, 4643 Indian Summer Dr SE; Olympia WA, 98513.

Here is a list of the words for the scavenger hunt

Num Category
01 Up Close
02 Adventure
03 Red
04 Shadows
05 Rule of Thirds
06 Laughter
07 Light
08 Vintage
09 Unique
10 Weather
11 Purple
12 Fruit
13 Perspective
14 Sparkle
15 Sunset
16 Self Identification