Special Offers for Members

 Beards Framing

Currently Beards Framing has granted us a 25% “Artist Discount” on custom and ready made frames

They also have package deals from 35% to 50% off on 16×20, 22×28, and 24×36 sizes, and have joined with an outside company that will offer a 15% discount for finished laminated options as well.

Beards Framing is located in the Lacey Fred Meyer complex.  You’ll need to show your Membership Card to receive your discount.  Your membership card will be emailed to you shortly after you pay your annual dues.  If you don’t have it, please contact the webmaster to have it sent again.

HD Aluminum Prints


Take 20% off your first order.  This is a family business located in Vancouver, Washington.  For large orders, you can arrange to save on shipping by picking up your order yourself.

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