The Internet is a great place to learn about photography, but it can be somewhat overwhelming at times.  Here is a collection of some particularly helpful links to help you learn the basics of Photography.

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The Basics of Exposure

How to Resize an ImageYou Tube video


22 Landscape Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – free download

Ten Quick Landscape Photography Tips

Tripod Buying Guide


Infographic Link – the complete guide to photography for beginners

Youtube – great source for hands on demonstrations likely for using your specific camera and for all types of photography and post processing.  Do a search on your particular interest.

CreativeLive – watch live classes for free as they are being recorded, or pay for classes recorded in the past.

PAID RESOURCES – pay a monthly fee and cancel whenever you wish.  Many classes on photography and post processing. You may also find this resource free at your public library.

KelbyOne – Pay an annual fee for unlimited access to all the classes in their extensive library. – Pay for classes you’re interested in.  Watch for sales and pick up a class for as little as $19.99

Ed2Go – A great variety of online courses.

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