The Olympia Camera Club sponsors the Open Photography Exhibit at the Thurston County Fair each year in late July, early August.  All members are encouraged to submit their images to this fun competition.

As the time approaches we will be looking for volunteers to help with the pre-fair logistics as well as during the fair.  Dale and Colleen Easley are our TCF Coordinators.  Talk to them if you’d like to help out or send an email.

Congratulations 2019 Club Member Winners

2019 Club Winners – This file lists all club members who won ribbons at the 2019 Thurston County Fair.  In addition to ribbons, there are columns for Best of Lot, Best of Class (Color or Monochrome), Best of Show, Judge’s Choice, and People’s Choice.  Congratulations to all our winners!

This Year’s Winners

The video below showcases most of our member’s images that won ribbons in the 2019 Thurston County Fair.

Besides 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you’ll see awards like:
HM – Honorable Mention
BL – Best of Lot
BC – Best of Class
BS – Best of Show
JC – Judges Choice
PC – People’s Choice.

For more videos from Olympia Camera Club, see our YouTube Channel.

Other local County Fairs you might be interested in entering your images for competition include:

Southwest Washington Fair (Chehalis)

Grays Harbor County Fair (Elma)

Washington State Fair (Puyullup)

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